Jesus Aguilera – The Serial Killer Castro Gave Us – Literally

Jesus Aguilera

Jesus AguileraThe Killer Castro Sent

Thirty-four years after Jesus Aguilera was sprung from a Cuban prison, and then unleashed nine months of terror on the Bronx, he was back in court to face U.S. justice for murder.

Serial killer Jesus Aguilera came from Cuba after the Castro Regime emptied its jails and mental hospitals onto our shores more than three decades ago.

On Monday afternoon, the 61-year-old Jesus Aguilera stood impassive in a Bronx courtroom as the older daughter of one of his victims confronted him with a searingly beautiful vision of divine justice.

“As you take your final breath, I pray that your last vision is of the Almighty God surrounded by all the victims, known and unknown, and you vividly see these women, joyful, healthy, powerful, and whole, forever untouched by the evil that destroyed you and your humanity,” Robin Bynoe said as she addressed Jesus Aguilera directly in her victim’s impact statement prior to his sentencing for the 1981 murder of her mother.

Robin’s mother, Tolila Brown (Moore), had been found in a ratty shack, partially clothed, her hands and feet bound, a scarf around her neck that had been tightened with a chisel delivering her death by strangulation.

Jesus Aguilera

Jesus Aguilera arrived in the United States on a Cuban boatlift in May of 1981, and almost immediately went on a murder and rape spree, his penchant for strangling his victims using a device to tighten the ligature beyond hope, as well as binding their hands and feet, a terrifying way of accomplishing his crimes.

In August, inside an apartment at 1186 East 180th Street, after having consensual sex with a woman, he bound her hands and legs together, and placed a belt around her neck, attempted to have sex with her again. When he left the apartment with stolen property, he tied that belt to the bedpost in a manner that if she struggled, it would further tighten. After Aguilera left, his victim was able to loosen her hand restraints and get out of her predicament. For that crime, Jesus Aguilera was convicted of Robbery in the 1st Degree.

Ten days later, Guillermo Graniela was found dead in the basement of 417 Bronx Park Avenue. His hands were bound together with rope, as were his feet. A rope tied around his neck had a screwdriver inserted in the knot, twisted to strangle his victim. Aguilera was convicted of Murder in the 2nd Degree for this crime.

Three weeks after that, on September 17th, the body of Josefina Cepeda was found near the 207th Street Bridge in Manhattan. She was strangled to death by a wire wrapped around her neck. Once again, Jesus Aguilera was convicted of Murder in the 2nd Degree.

A month after Tolila Brown’s strangulation death, Jesus Aguilera choked a 15-year-old girl with a pocketbook strap, tried to hang her with it, and raped her, this incident taking place on December 19th at the abandoned site of the former Bronx Lebanon Hospital, in the vicinity of Ward Avenue and Bruckner Boulevard. Aguilera was convicted of Sex Abuse in the 1st Degree.

Jesus Aguilera was found guilty on all charges and is serving two consecutive life sentences plus 15-years-to-life in prison.


credit Michael Daly – The Daily Beast / murderpedia