I’ve Drowned all the Children

andrea-yates-23 (1)In 2001, Andrea Yates called 911 and told them to come. She needed an officer at the house. She then called her husband home from work.

She’d drowned all five of her small children in the bathtub then laid them on her bed. And of course she did it all to save them!

You see, she believed that Satan possessed her. That he actually lived inside of her and in order to save the kids from her parenting them right into hell, they would have to die.

She also believed that George Bush would condemn her to death, thus killing Satan himself.  See? Perfect plan. Kill two birds with one stone. Save her kids AND kill Satan. She had it all figured out! Praise Jesus.

Too bad the courts didn’t see it quite the same way. Although they did see it a little different than most of us might have.

While having and raising her 4 boys, (at death – Noah-7, John-5, Paul-3 and Luke-2), Andrea was in and out of the hospital for depression and for more than one attempted suicide. She was delusional and was on all kinds of medications to help. But every time she got pregnant she would go off all of the drugs and down the slide she would go again. It was determined that she suffered from an extreme case of postpartum depression coupled with postpartum psychosis. She was put on an anti-psychotic medication, along with several other drugs, and seemed to improve.

Against the doctor’s stern advise, Andrea got pregnant again. To her, being raised Catholic, meant having children at God’s discretion and chosen times, not hers. And so she would have her last child, finally a little girl, before going off all of the meds again and completely off her rocker as well. And this time for good.

On June 20th, after her husband had left for work, Andrea filled the bathtub with water and then one by one systematically drowned all of her children. She started with Paul and ended with Noah. She laid the children on her bed and laid her six month old daughter in the arms of John. Then she called 911.

In July of 2006, a jury of her peers found Andrea Yates not guilty of filicide by reason of insanity and she was sent to a maximum security mental hospital where she would finally be given the help she had so long needed.

pic credit- Murderpedia