Indefensible – The Missing Truth about Steven Avery

steven avery

Manitowoc County Prosecutor, Michael Griesbach, maintains that Steven Avery is guilty!

And he’s written a book to prove it!  – Indefensible. 

A must read for all of the arm chair sleuths who followed along religiously and ‘had this one all figured out!

Whether you believe Steven Avery is innocent or not, this book is from an insider  that boldly claims that Avery was guilty then, he’s guilty now and he’s right where he belongs! Behind bars forever for murder!

AMAZON EXCERPT: Indefensible – The Missing Truth About Steven Avery

An insider exposes the shocking facts deliberately left out of the Netflix series, Making a Murderer, and argues persuasively that Steven Avery was rightfully convicted in the 2005 killing of Teresa Halbach.

After serving eighteen years, for a crime he didn’t commit, Steven Avery was freed. He filed a thirty-six-million-dollar lawsuit against Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. But, before the suit could be settled, Avery was arrested again. This time for the brutal murder of Teresa Halbach! He was found guilty and was sent back to prison!

When the saga exploded publicly, with the airing of Making a Murderer, Michael Griesbach, a prosecutor, who had been instrumental in Avery’s 2003 exoneration, was targeted on social media, threatened and plagued by doubt. Now, in this suspenseful narrative, he recounts his own re-examination of the evidence.

Now, as Steven Avery’s defense counsel files an appeal and prepares to do battle on Steven Avery’s behalf, Micheal Griesbach likewise fights to set the record straight, determined that evidence should be followed where it leads and justice should be served! For as surely as our legal system should not send an innocent man to prison, neither should it let a guilty man walk free. (end excerpt)

Make sure to grab up a copy of this book, INDEFENSIBLE and hang on as this real life crime of the century unfolds. The truth will be revealed and only time will tell if – YOU REALLY DID HAVE IT ALL FIGURED OUT! –