Hoarder Mom’s Missing Son Found Dead In His Room Twenty Years After He Dies

hoarder1Rita Wolfensohn fell ill in September and had to go into the hospital for a short stay.

Rita is legally blind and lives alone. She has two sons, Michael and Louis. Michael passed away in 2003 and Louis has been incognito for nearly twenty years.

On September 15th, a few family members arrived at Rita Wolfensohn’s home to pick up some personal belongings for her time at the hospital.

When these particular relatives arrived at Rita’s place, they were all instantly taken aback at what they discovered when they entered her humble abode. Admitting openly that they had basically lost touch with the old gal over the years, and knew things might have changed a bit with Rita, not one of them expect to find what they found!


hoarders2Little old Rita is a big time hoarder! And a really bad one. Or a really, really good one, depending on how you look at it!

The entire house is filled to overflowing with the stench of rotting food. Dust floats noticeably with even the slightest movement of the air. The place is an absolute disaster in every direction.


Anyway, needing to find those personal items that Rita was in need of at the hospital, one of the relatives carefully made her way to the stairs that would gain her access to what had, at one time, been the upper rooms of the house.

And it was here, in one of the second floor bedrooms, overflowing, exactly like the rest of the house, with extremely foul odors, garbage, junk and debris of every, and any, nature, where she came upon the creepiest discovery anyone could ever want to make, while rooting through a hoarder’s house.



Yep! Louis Wolfensohn!

He hadn’t been incognito at all. He’d been dead. Right there in the house, with his hoarder mom, all along.

His skeleton was found completely intact, still clad in jeans, dress socks, and a shirt.

When police spoke to the hoarder mom, Rita Wolfensohn, she told them that Michael had died and Louis had “moved out” quite a while ago and she hadn’t heard a word from him in nearly twenty years.

Officials had to agree with the time frame, as the coroner said Louis had been up there dead for approximately twenty years.

Rita is recovering nicely and the cops are investing the death of the dead man upstairs!