Even High Ranking Military Colonels Kill People and Wear Women’s Underwear…

David Russell Williams – Colonel in the Canadian Military Forces / Serial Murderer

russell-williamsWilliams was also a decorated pilot who flew such dignitaries as Queen Elizabeth II, the Prime Minister of Canada, the Governor General and Prince Phillips.  

But, evidently, no one realized just how decorated he truly was.  russell-williams-evidence-1

The facts were ultimately revealed, however in February 2010, when he was charged with two counts of first degree murder, two counts of forcible confinement, sexual assault, breaking and entering and 82 separate charges related to the break ins. (hummm…those would be related to the pantie raids? and modeling minutes?)

After his arrest, Williams confessed to the numerous crimes he was accused of and, the day after, he led investigators to the second of the two women he had murdered. The body was found were he had discarded it, just 13 miles from his home. His first victim was a military flight attendant that was found dead in her home in 2009. The investigation also revealed 48 cases of stealing women’s underwear, dating back to 2006. During a search of his home the police discovered stolen lingerie that was neatly cataloged in his computer and stored in his house.

He was stripped of his commission, ranks, and awards. His severance pay was terminated and his pay was seized. His uniforms were burned, his medals were destroyed and his vehicle was crushed and discarded.

His bio was immediately removed from the Department of National Defense website.

He received two life sentences. (At least someone will appreciate his choice in panties now!)

I’m just saying….. 


pic credit – Murderpedia / Wikipedia