Headed To The High Country of Our National Parks and Wilderness? – Better Watch This Video First!


jayrd 1

Three-year-old Jaryd Atadaro was having the time of his life. He was hiking with a Christian Singles Group in the Colorado Rockies on a beautiful fall day in October of 1999. He ran ahead of the group and suddenly slipped from sight.

It would be nearly four years before a trace of him would be found. And then, what was found, was so strange that the experts are baffled as to what may truly have happened to him.

His scull and clothes, no blood, no tears, no strange hairs and with his jeans turned inside out, lay, un-tattered and exposed, for any hiker to readily come upon, on a boulder terrain just above the trail he had been happily skipping on nearly four years prior.

And then there were his shoes! Shoes, that supposedly had spent four winters in the harsh elements of the winter mountains, looking as new and fresh as the day he vanished while wearing them!

jayrd's shoeLittle Jaryd was listed, with hundreds of others, adding one more name to the strange, unexplained disappearances, that happen yearly in the wilderness of American’s National Parks.

lost mountain peopleEvidently some very mysterious things happen when people wander up into the great outdoors.

Caution ! might not be a strong enough word.

Watch the Video and decide for yourself!