Little Machete Murderers

They dug the grave and hid the machete near some trees close to their predetermined destination in the woods.

After planning for two weeks, five students, all of whom were enrolled in a live-in vocational training school for at-risk students, executed their wicked plan against their classmate, 17 year old Jose Amaya Guardado.

Guardado was lured into a wooded area where his classmates jumped him and the beating started. He was then ordered to lay down in the grave but he fought back. They shoved him into the hole they’d dug and hacked at him with the machete! He was beaten so badly that his face was caved in. He was nearly unrecognizable. Then they buried him alive.

Three of the five left the woods but Kaheem Arbelo(20) and Desiray Strickland(18) stayed behind and celebrated their deed by having sex near the grave.

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Within a few days the boy’s body was found, by his own brother, and the students involved were arrested.

All five have been charged and could face the death penalty for this horrendous and senseless killing.

The motive? Unclear…But word on the street has it that Guardado may have owed Arbelo money and it was time to pay up.

pic credit – Murderpedia