She murdered her four kids, execution style, cause she was mad

She tried to claim "black out." But the judge wasn't buying. When you have to stop and reload your gun twice in order to get the job done, you pretty much can't claim 'not there'. She'd shot her four sons, execution style, then put a bullet in her own stomach and said it was a suicide attempt. The judge said no to that too. After murdering four boys, between the ages of 4 and 14, you pretty much had the idea of how to kill. Suicide would have been a cake walk. He wasn't buying that either.


Susan Eubanks had spent the day drinking and using drugs before deciding to argue with her boyfriend. As the fight became more violent, she slashed two of his car tires then refused to let him inside the house.

He called the law and, with the help of authorities, he entered the house to retrieve some belongings and then he left.

Her defense attorney said that was more than she could take, being rejected by yet another man, and she simply lost control of her mind and her actions.

The boyfriend, now truly concerned with Susan's mental state, immediately called one of her children's father and told him that she (Susan) had been going on and on about killing herself and her kids.

The child's father quickly called the sheriff's department and told them what the boyfriend had said. He asked them to check on Susan and the four boys.

The cops went to the house and as they approached they could hear someone crying. When they entered the home, three of the four boys were already dead. The youngest, age 4, was still alive, but later died of a gunshot wound to the head inflicted upon him by his mother!

Susan too lay crying on the floor, suffering from a self inflicted gunshot wound to the stomach.

When it was all said and done, Susan said she did it because of rage. Rage that came from the boy's fathers and a boyfriend, all of whom had left her in the end. She stated that she wanted to take revenge on them and make all of them feel the pain of loosing someone they loved, like she had to feel it over and over again, through the rejection by them.

She was charged with 4 counts of first degree murder!

It took jurors only two hows to find her guilty and only 2 days to sentence her to death.

By the way, there was another person in the house when she went on her killing spree. That being a five year old nephew who was found totally unharmed.

pic credit - Murderpedia