David Alan Gore and Fred Waterfield / The Killing Cousins from Florida

David Alan GoreThe Killing Cousins
David Alan Gore and Fred Waterfield

Born in 1951, in Florida, David Alan Gore resembled the stereotypical Southern redneck, weighing close to 275 pounds. He was a firearms fan and studied gun-smithing in his free time. Gore also studied women, but in a very different way. He lost one job as a gas station attendant after the owner found a peephole David Gore had drilled between the men’s and women’s restrooms.

David Alan GoreBorn in 1952, cousin Fred Waterfield was another product of Florida’s Indian River County. He was a high school football star whose bad temper and liking for violent sex made him and David Gore seem more like brothers than cousins. In 1976, they put their heads together and decided to combine their favorite ‘sports’ by hunting women.

The Killing Cousins First Attempts

The Killing Cousins first attempts at taking their intended prey were embarrassing. Following a female motorist outside Yeehaw Junction, Fred flattened the woman’s tires with a rifle, but she escaped them on foot. Later, the cousins followed another woman from Vero Beach to Miami, giving up the pursuit when she parked on a busy street.

The cousins first successful rape took place near Vero Beach and, while the victim notified police, she later dropped the charges to avoid embarrassment in court. By early 1981, David Gore was working days with his father, as caretaker of a citrus grove, and patrolling the streets after dark as an auxiliary sheriff’s deputy.

Fred had moved north to Orlando, managing an automotive shop, but he made frequent visits home to Vero Beach. Together, the two recognized the potential of Gore’s situation, packing a badge by night, killing time in deserted orchards by day. So Fred offered to pay his cousin David Gore $1,000 for each pretty girl he could find. It was an offer David could not refuse.

David Alan Gore David Alan GoreYing Hua Ling and Her Mother – Murder Victims One and Two

In February of 1981, David Gore found 17-year-old Ying Hua Ling disembarking from a school bus, tricking her into his car with a flash of his badge. Driving her home, Gore “arrested” her mother and handcuffed his captives together. He then phoned Fred in Orlando before he drove, captives in tow, out to the orchard. Killing time, while waiting for his cousin, David raped both victims.

Fred, on the other hand, was more picky. Rejecting Mrs. Ling as too old, he tied the woman up in such a fashion that she choked herself to death while struggling against her bonds. He then raped and murdered the teenager. Slipping David $400, he left, leaving David to get rid of the bodies, that now lay lifeless just a mile from the Ling residence.

On Dec. 7, 1983, David Gore led police to a citrus grove where searchers unearthed two 30-gallon white metal pesticide drums containing the remains of both women.

David Alan GoreJudith Daley

Five months later, on July 15, David Gore made a trip to Round Island Park, looking for a blonde to fill his cousin’s latest order. Spotting a likely candidate in 35-year-old Judith Daley, Gore disabled her car, then played Good Samaritan, offering a lift to the nearest telephone. Once inside his pickup, David pulled out a pistol, cuffed his victim, and called cousin Fred on his way to the orchard.

Fred Waterfield was much happier with this delivery, writing out a check for $1,500, after both men finished with their victim. Two years later, David Gore would tell about Judith Daley’s fate, describing how he “fed her to the alligators” in a swamp ten miles west of Interstate Highway 95.

On June 3, 1984, however, body parts, stashed in a garbage bag, were unearthed in the citrus grove near Vero Beach, found on a tip from Gore, were identified as Daley’s remains.

A week later, David Alan Gore fell under suspicion when a local man reported that a deputy had stopped his teenage daughter on a rural highway, attempting to hold her “for questioning.” Stripped of his badge, David was arrested days later, when officers found him crouched in the back seat of a woman’s car outside a Vero Beach clinic armed with a pistol, handcuffs, and a police radio scanner.

A jury deliberated for thirty minutes before convicting him of armed trespass and he was sentenced to five years in prison. Turning down psychiatric treatment recommended by the court, he was paroled in March of 1983.

The Return To Vero Beach

David Alan Gore David Alan GoreA short time after Gore’s release, his cousin Fred moved back home to Vero Beach and the two took up right where they left off.

On May 20th, they tried to abduct an Orlando prostitute at gunpoint, but she slipped away and left them empty-handed. The next day, they picked up two 14-year-old hitchhikers – Angelica Lavallee and Barbara Byer – raping both before David Alan Gore shot the girls to death. Byer’s body was dismembered and buried in a shallow grave, while Levallee’s was dumped in a nearby canal.

The Last Victims

Lynn Elliott, a 17-year-old senior at Vero Beach High School was hitchhiking with her friend Regan Martin, 14, on July 26, 1983 when David Alan Gore and his cousin Fred Waterfield picked them up and took the girls to the home of Gore’s vacationing parents. The men abducted the girls at gunpoint and Waterfield had his wicked way with them. David Gore then repeatedly raped both girls after Waterfield had left the home.

Then something went wrong. Lynn Elliott – the last victim of the Killing Cousins – had somehow escaped Gore and ran for her life. She didn’t get far. She was shot to death by Gore as she fell after running down a driveway with her hands still tied. The incident was witnessed by a neighbor boy who alerted police, stating that a naked man was shooting a naked woman in the drive.

Surrounding the suspect house, officers found a car in the driveway with fresh blood dripping from its trunk. Inside, the body of 17-year-old Lynn Elliott lay dead with a bullet in her skull. Outnumbered by the police, Gore finally surrendered, directing officers to the attic where a naked 14-year-old girl was tied to the rafters.

The young victim told police that she had been thumbing rides with Lynn Elliott when David Gore and another man picked them up, flashing a pistol and driving them to the house, where they were stripped and raped repeatedly in separate rooms.

David Alan GoreThe Tough Guy Crumbles

David Gore broke down while in custody, describing all the crimes he’d committed with his cousin, Fred. After his arrest, Gore led authorities to the other bodies and admitted to killing three other girls and two women. He was sentenced to life in prison for the other murders.

On January 21, 1985, Fred Waterfield was convicted in the Byer-Levallee murders, receiving two consecutive life terms with a specified minimum stint of 50 years before parole. Gore received the death penalty for his role in those crimes.

David Alan Gore was executed on April 12th, 2012 for the murder of 17-year-old Lynn Elliott of Vero Beach. A last appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court was rejected earlier in the day and David, 58, who was labeled a serial killer for killing Elliott and five others, was pronounced dead at 6:19 p.m. as he was still strapped to a gurney at the Florida State Prison here. Nearly 30 years after his conviction, David Alan Gore was declared dead 10 minutes after being administered a lethal injection.

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