5 Really Creepy Stories Behind 5 Pretty Normal Pictures

weird pic 1

pic credit – pinterest

Pictures don’t always speak a thousand words. At least these five creepy ones didn’t. Check out how the image suddenly changes in your minds eye, once you know the creepy tale behind it.


Shortly before 5:00 pm, on July 16th in 2011, 17 year old Tyler Hadley (the kid in the picture in black) took three pills of ecstasy and walked into his parent’s bedroom. He walked up behind his mother and proceeded to beat her to death with a hammer. When his father entered the room, Tyler murdered him in the same fashion. He hid the bodies beside the bed and cleaned up the bloody mess.

Tyler then advertised, via his face book, that he was throwing a party and invited all of his friends. 60 people showed up and the party was on. They spent the evening smoking, drinking and snapping pictures, much like this one.

Sometime during the party, Tyler, for one reason or another, decided to tell one of his buds that he had murdered his parents earlier that evening and that they lay dead in the bedroom. Well, you know how gossip works. Police arrested Tyler the very next morning. He was given life without the chance for parole. Party over kid!



Pictures are extremely easy to take now-a-days and everyone, it seems, is hooked on being an amateur photographer. But, in the early 1900’s, taking pictures was an art and not easy for either the photographer or the person or people having their picture taken.

The people being photographed would have to stay very still for a very long period of time. The reason for this was so that the camera could process slow shutter speeds. Perfect stillness was the only way to ensure that the picture would not come out blurred, much like the one right here. You can see that the man and older woman’s faces are blurred, due to movements, no matter how slight, that they had obviously made while the camera was working.

The young girl’s face, on the other hand, is not blurred at all. That would mean that she had not moved even the slightest! And that’s good, because she’s dead. She had died earlier that day and the parents wanted a family photo with her before they buried her. Sound creepy? It was not uncommon in those days to take pictures with family members who had passed away.



Jeff Franklin looks like he is a very happy little dude in this picture. It was taken in 1998 when he was just 17 years old. I, However, find it a little creepy that he is so chipper in this photo, considering that this is a picture of him sitting in the back seat of a police cruiser minutes after murdering his mother and father with a hatchet and a sledgehammer! Oh, and he didn’t stop there! He attacked, with murderous intent, his three younger siblings that were fighting for their lives. He left all of them critically wounded, but they did survive! Jeffrey was sent to prison where, he says he has found God and tells others not to listen to heavy metal bands. He is up for parole this year! 2016.



Happy Birthday! Doesn’t everyone just love a great kids party with pin-the-tail on the donkey, cake, balloons and a happy painted clown jumping around making everyone laugh happily. Well, okay. Maybe not. Some clowns are just plain creepy. Especially this one. This clown, called Pogo, was John Wayne Gacy Jr. and he had a very disturbing past time. When he wasn’t busy entertaining kids at parties or at the children’s wards in hospitals, he was raping, torturing and burying the dead corpses of 33 young men and boys under his house. He was given the name “The Killer Clown and sentenced to death for his crimes.

He was executed, by lethal injection, in 1994.

 His last words were ‘kiss my ass.’
Blanche-Monnier5.) WHY DIDN’T SHE JUST LIE?
This is no joke. This lady is for real and this is a picture of her after she was rescued from the attic she had been locked up in for 25 years! BY HER OWN MOTHER! Why, you might ask? Because her mother didn’t like her boyfriend! and she refused to break up with him!

At twenty five, the beautiful Mademoiselle Blanche Monnier,  fell head over heals for a lawyer and she made it known that she intended on marrying him, much to the chagrin of her mother.

The lawyer, it turns out, was much older than Blanche and worse yet, he was penny-less! So her mother demanded that she break up with the good-for-nothing!

Blanch refused! So, one evening, Madame Louise, Blanche’s mother, tricked Blanche into an upper attic room and then pad locked her in, promising only to release her when she swore to end the relationship.

Blanche again refused and true to her word, her mother did not release her from the attic! Even after the lawyer had died!

Blanch was finally rescued when an anonymous letter was sent to the authorities, stating that a woman was being held captive in the attic!