Five Creepy Things You Probably Didn’t Know About John Wayne Gacy

Creepy Fact Number 4 – 

In 1978, there was a Christmas party going on. It was held in the home of a business associate of John Wayne Gacy’s and so, of course, John was there. He loved attention and was present at every, and any, event that would put him, and his political ambitions, in the lime light. One of the highlights of this particular party was the presence of a well known psychic, Florece, who would be entertaining the guests with card readings. Everyone was having a great time and Florece was the hit of the party. (now the creepy part slithers in) When the party began winding down, John sat down across from the psychic to hear his reading. Florece had an instant pang of fear and discomfort. She will recall, however, that the moment he spoke, she was spooked. She knew something was terribly wrong with the man. But she shook it off and laid the cards out in front of herself. She instantly became physically ill. Florece did not gain any details from the cards, save but the underlying current of pure evil that encased the man. She was terrified to speak about the cards before them and so she bluffed the reading and quickly prepared to leave. Before she did, however, she went to the hostess and told her exactly what she had felt about John. She also added that she was afraid of him and that he was extremely perverted and very violent. The hostess, who had been friends with John for many years, gasped at the idea and refused the opinion the psychic was proposing. Several weeks later, this little conversation would be recalled with a very different kind of gasp,  as 33 decomposing male bodies, ranging from nine to twenty nine, would be unearthed from beneath John Wayne Gacy’s house!