Five Creepy Things You Probably Didn’t Know About John Wayne Gacy

Creepy Fact Number 3 – 

John fancied himself a respected and loved business man. He thrived on attention and being admired by his peers. He threw grandiose theme parties (sometimes as many as 300 guests!) in the street and invited the elite of the area, as well as friends in the neighborhood and family members.(He had married a woman that had two young daughters, which is creepy in it’s own right. The man wanted sex with young boys. Why bring a woman and two little girls into the picture?) Anyway, he was climbing the ranks of the local Jaycees and was the precinct captain of the local Democratic Party. He started his own construction company and hired local teenage boys from the area to keep his costs low and local residents employed. (Or so he would say. Five of those teenage boys would become his victims, whose bodies would be found under his house.) His business grew well. John said he wanted to ‘leave his mark on the world’ and desired to one day run for political office. (From this desire came his alter-ego, ‘Pogo the Clown’. ‘Pogo’ did charity events and entertained children in the local hospital.) John was rapidly climbing the ladder of his dream. Enter the creepy part – to the outside world all seemed perfect in John’s life. But John’s second wife was seeing something completely different from the inside. He had told her that he no longer would have sex with her, as his sexual interest was in young, teenage boys. (and there’s creepy again! He actually told this woman that he wanted to have sex with teenager boys! WTF! Why didn’t this woman tell anyone. That little piece of information could have gone a long way in saving some lives in the very near future!) But onward. John started to have mood swings that left her baffled and scared. He would be perfectly happy one minute then a raging, furniture throwing lunatic the next. He was obsessed with gay porn, the younger the better, and he became an insomniac running on very little sleep. She finally announced that she wanted a divorce. This time, John didn’t care.  His secret life was well under way, with 2 bodies already buried on the property and his eye set on another mark.