Five Creepy Things You Probably Didn’t Know About John Wayne Gacy

Creepy Fact Number 2 – 

John married into money, set up house, went to work for his wealthy father-in- law and became a respected and well liked member of his community.  In the course of those two years, he also fathered the only two children he would ever have. (That’s where the normal stops and the creepy begins) While John was procreating with his wife at home, he was also coercing the young boys in his employment into homosexual acts with him. (In fact, while his wife was giving birth to his son, John was luring a young boy into his car and then forcing him to perform oral sex.) He was arrested on these charges and plead guilty to sodomy in 1968. It would be the first time John was ever arrested. He was 26 years old.  To say everyone was shocked was an understatement. His wife on the other hand totally freaked out and wanted a divorce.  When she filed for the divorce, John was so pissed off that he told her he never wanted to see her or either of the children ever again! He said that he would consider all of them as dead. (wonder if that was some kind of threat that would make her reconsider?) Hard to say, but the ploy didn’t work and he never did see any of them again. John was sentenced to 10 years in prison but only served 18 months. Almost immediately upon his release, in February of 1971, Gacy was charged with the attempted rape of another young man. But the charges were dropped when the victim didn’t show up for the hearing. And that’s too bad. That young man’s words may very well have saved the lives of 33 young men and boys. But here’s the really creepy part- in 1968, the authorities had John Wayne Gacy Jr. right where he needed to be. In prison! Had he served that original 10 year rape charge he would have been released from prison in the exact year that they arrested him for 33 horrific and horrifying crimes. Had he paid the true price for his first crime, all of those young men and boys would be alive today! Now tell me that’s not creepy!