Craig’s List Killed The Radio Star

John Katehis, 16, at State Supreme Court in Brooklyn for his arraignment hearing on the murder of radio newscaster George Weber. Original Filename: IMG_5719.JPG

After the Craig’s list ad was placed and a reply came through, it was game on for Johnny and time up for the Radio Man.

In 2009, John Katehis, sixteen years old at the time, placed a Craigslist’s ad offering sex in exchange for cash. George Weber, 47, and an ABC News Radio reporter, answered the ad.

They began email exchanges and a fee was set. In exchange for $60, Katehis would bind and suffocate the radio man, while performing oral sex on him.

Katehis went to Weber’s apartment, where he said he was offered cocaine. He continues by saying that when it was time for the sex act, Weber pulled a knife on him. The two wrestled with the blade and, in an act of self defense, Weber was accidentally jabbed once in the neck.

Katehis then ran for his life! All the way to the train.

A conductor on the train saw his hand bleeding profusely and called the police. Katehis told the police that he was going to the hospital because he had cut his hand on a broken bottle. The police saw nothing that would prove the story unbelievable, so they let him go.

When Weber didn’t show up for work the next day and he didn’t answer his phone, co-workers started to worry. The law was called and Weber’s body was soon discovered. His feet were bound and his underwear was about his ankles. He had defensive marks on his hands and arms, that might be gained by someone trying to defend themselves from an attacker. Weber had bled to death from more than 50 stab wounds to his head, neck and chest. There was no cocaine found in his system.

Katehis instantly became a person of interest due to the discovery of, and content contained within, his email exchanges with Weber.

At the trial, the prosecutor said that ‘the viciousness” of this “thrill kill” should be a warning to everyone and Katehis should never be released because of the threat that he will kill again and he is exactly the kind of person society should fear and be protected from.

An author added that this case is an example of “lethal hate crimes on homosexual men where the perpetrators exhibited some degree of homosexuality themselves.”

Katehis confessed to the crime and said that he was “a Satanist, allied with the teachings on Anton Lavey and the Church of Satan” and also claimed to be a ‘sadomasochist’. But he never said he was gay!

He was dubbed a “Craigslist Killer” and was given 25 to life!

pic credit – murderpedia