Cops Offer Sex In Lieu Of Arrest For Two Drunk Women!

Thomas-Merenda cops

pic credit – dreamin demon

Two South Florida Police Officers (and I am definitely using the term loosely here) turned themselves in to their superiors after allegations were made stating that they – Thomas Merenda and Frank Hartley – had pressured two half drunk women into sex in lieu of arrest!


Two female DUI suspects were pulled over around 4:oo am at a fast food restaurant after a night of drinking at a local haunt. 34 year old, Officer Merenda, a married cop who has two young children and has been on the force for 5 years, decided to take matters into is own hands.

Rather than follow police protocol, where DUI suspects are concerned, Officer Tom ordered the drunked-up ladies to follow his cruiser off the restaurant’s property. Which they did! (No one wants to be arrested for a DUI! Right?)

Anyway…Merenda led them to an isolated area behind a nearby strip mall. His partner, in obviously everything, was waiting there for him.

harley cop

pic credit – daily news

Once the ladies had stopped their car, 11 year veteran, Officer Hartley, 35, married and the father of two himself, waltzed up to the woman’s passenger window and began touching the woman’s breasts, all the while promising to arrest her if she resisted or refused him. He ordered her to perform oral sex on him. Afterwards, she was forced to have sex with him.

In the mean time, Officer Merenda was playing out his own fucked up fantasy with the other intoxicated woman. After sexually groping her, he ordered her to punch him in the nuts and assured her it really turned him on! When the woman hesitated, Hartley told her to to go ahead and do it, stating that his partner ‘really enjoyed it.”

Once the women were released, and more than likely sobered up, they headed straight to the law and reported their assailants!  The boys in blue were put on paid administrative leave until their trial. If found guilty, they could face up to fifteen years!

IF found guilty?… COULD face time…? you mean they might not? What the bleep?

we’ve had serial killers who did no different than these two criminals!

These two scum bags LURED their victims away from the public eye. DETAINED them against their will. They FORCED them into sex acts. They THREATENED them into compliance!`

Short of murdering them after the crime, isn’t that exactly what John Wayne Gacy Jr, Jeffrey Dahmer and Dean Corll did? Lured them, detained them, forced them into sex acts and threatened them? uh….yea!

And this is just my little thought on the matter…I would have to be obliged to believe that this was not the first time this sort of thing took place with these two creeper cops! I mean, come on! Do you tell your best friend that you get turned on by getting racked in the family jewels! I think not.

Hartley learned this fact about Merenda by sharing these exact kind of experiences with his freaky partner!

Bookem’ Dannel! These two give real Officers a bad name.