Creepy Clown Sightings in South Carolina Have People Freaked

In Greenville County South Carolina there’s a trail in the woods down by the Fleetwood Manor Apartments. The trail leads to an old, abandoned house amid the tall trees. Children from that area say that house is where the clowns live.


Creepy Clown with fingers on lips

Here’s how the story goes.

Police in Greenville County, South Carolina are taking the report seriously and are definitely keeping an eye out for the “clowns”, who children say, try to coax them into the woods!

Although the authorities have not been able to substantiate the youngster’s claims, a police report, from the first ‘clown sighting,’ described a suspicious character, dressed in a clown outfit and white face paint, trying to coax a child into follow him down the trail and into the woods.

On August 21st, a woman told authorities that her son had seen clowns in the woods near the Manor. He said that they had been whispering and making strange noises.

She said she had her son take her to the place where he had seen the clowns, and low and behold, she saw them too. They were flashing green laser lights around in the dark. Around the same time, the woman’s older son reported hearing ‘chains and banging’ on the front door of their house!


The investigator said that another woman from the same complex made a creepy clown report too. She said that she saw a clown too, at about 2:30 a.m. that same morning. She said that the clown was standing under a street light near the garbage dumpster. He waved at her and she simply waved back.

Several children claimed that the ‘clowns’ offered them large amounts of cash to follow them into the woods.

The old, abandoned house at the end of the trail was investigated but there were no clues found that indicated that anyone had been in or near the place for a long time.

Eight days after the first ‘clown’ sighting, police started hearing of a lot more sightings.

A teenager told deputies that she had seen a man taking pictures of kids and shortly afterwards, saw a man wearing a black jacket and a clown mask coming out of the woods.

In the most recent incident police responded to a ‘clown sighting’ near the Manor complex, where a witness said the clown left in a car.

In yet another incident, that was not initially reported to police, residents in the area actually chased  several clowns from a playground after kids came home reporting their presence to their parents. They told the authorities they saw the clowns drive away in a dark-colored car.

It is unclear exactly how many ‘clowns’ are in the area, but police have definitely increased patrols in the areas where ‘clowns ‘keep being sighted.

credit – daily star / cbsnews