Charlize Theron – Her Dad Intended To Kill Her – Her Mom Decided Not


In 1991, when Charlize Theron was just 15 years old, her father threatened her life with a shot gun, stating through a drunken stupor, that he was going to murder both she and her mother.

In her account of the shooting, Charlize Theron told the authorities that she could hear her father, Charlie Theron, shouting angrily at her mother to let him into the house. He was swearing and screaming at her in a drunken rage of anger.

Charlize’s mother, having been forewarned via a phone call from an aunt, knew that her abusive, alcoholic husband was on yet another drunken  rampage and was terrified at the situation she, and her little girl, were once again facing.


In a full statement to the police, 15 year old Charlize Theron stated – “My father swore he would kill us with his shotgun.”

Charlize’s mother, Gerda Maritz said she was afraid that, this time, he really would kill them.

According to Charlize, the next thing she knew was the sound of gun fire and then her mother screaming hysterically.

When she raced from her room toward her mother’s screams, she first saw her uncle, Danie Theron.

My mother was sitting in a corner of the bedroom sobbing loudly and in great distress.

‘Charlize,’ she cried. ‘I’ve shot them. I’ve shot them.’

‘I simply started firing at him. I don’t know how many times. I saw him fall. When I turned around I saw his brother behind me and instinctively I fired another shot in his direction. His brother fell down.’

theron2No charges were held again Charlize Theron’s mother, as she had obviously protected herself and her child in an act of self defense.

Charlize Theron is extremely close to her mother and calls her mom her hero.




credit – daily mail