Mr. Babbitt Kills Himself As His Students Expose His Sex Crimes

teacher 140 year old Aric Babbitt and his 36 year old husband, Matthew Deyo, were found dead on an island just northwest of Seattle on Thursday, August 25th. They had both died from gun shot wounds.


Well, sort of….

Seems that a 16-year-old boy told the cops earlier this month that his former elementary school teacher had sexually assaulted him. That would be Mr. Babbitt! Then, two more children stepped forward to report that they had been sexually assaulted by the couple, meaning Babbitt and his husband Matthew. They both said that they had been given drug-laced marijuana and spiked alcoholic drinks. Then, they said, the men sexually abused them.

A search warrant was executed in the couple’s home and the investigators found marijuana, droppers with unknown substances and video recording equipment. Not a good sign and needless to say, that’s where the teacher’s extra curricular activities began to come to light.

Mr. Babbitt was immediately placed on administrative leave and a child sex crime investigation against he and his husband was launched.

Well, obviously these two men decided that answering to those allegations was a bit more than they cared to do and so, it is believed, that the men decided to exit stage left together and shot themselves dead.