Abigail & Brittany Hensel

the twinsThey are dicephalic parapagus (conjoined) twin girls!

Hard as it is to believe these two, and yes I said two, young ladies are happy, healthy, intelligent and sometimes playfully ornery teenage girls.

Their bottom half  is ‘normal’ but as you climb things go a bit their separate ways.

For example, each has her own heart, stomach, large and small intestines. However there are only three lungs and three kidneys.

They do however each have their own personality and sometimes they are very different. The clothes they like for example. They have a seamstress who creates all of their tops so I imagine that these two have really recreated the meaning of the word compromise.

The strangest trait though is the uncanny way that these two can anticipate the other’s needs without the need to speak. Say swatting at a mosquito that lands on your twin’s arm, that you, by the way, can not feel and yet you instinctively slap at the insect anyway!

(Pic credit – buzzlie).