Christian Longo – A Jehovah’s Witness With An Evil Streak


pic credit – oddee

Christian Longo, born in Michigan in 1974, was 19 when he married the love of his life, 25 year old Mary Jane Baker.

Like Mary Jane, he had been raised as a strict Jehovah’s Witness. He was active in his faith from a very young age and was trained in the door-to-door ministry. It was there, in the church parking lot, that he met his future wife. He asked for her hand in marriage and they made their announcement. But, before they were able to be joined in matrimony, Christian was caught stealing from his employer and consequently denied the right to marry inside the Kingdom Hall. They (Christian and Mary Jane) said their vows in a ceremony held in a gymnasium in March of 1993.

The couple started their family in 1997 with the arrival of their first son, Zachary. In 1998 little Sadie came along and by 1999, Madison rounded out the group. Mary Jane quit her job and became a full time wife and mother.

Christian became the manager of a company that distributed The New York Times. From there he started a construction subcontracting business, but the young family was soon swimming in debt. Not really being an over achiever, Christian found a different way to render his problems. He turned to crime. He set up fake addresses to send bill collectors on wild goose chases. He committed grand theft auto. He forged checks in his customer’s names. But he wasn’t very good at crime either and was soon arrested. Unfortunately, Christian was only given a fine and a term of probation.

And finances were not the only demons honing in on Christian Longo. His wife had discovered emails that proved his infidelities and, once revealed, he was kicked out of his church. A few months later, Christian stated that he wanted to start over and he moved his wife and young children to a warehouse in Toledo, Ohio, which violated his probation terms.

Once the fact was realized that Christian was breaking the rules of his probation, the authorities went after him. They arrived at the warehouse only to find it empty. Christian, they decided, was on the run.

When Mary Jane’s cell phone went unanswered and then was turned off, people started to worry. Mary Jane’s sister was one of those people and she filed a missing person’s report. A little more than a month passed with no answers, to way too many questions. Then, on December 19, 2001, the answers began to surface. The body of Zachery Longo, 4 years old at the time, was discovered in a Marina in Oregon. Less than a week later, 3 year old Sadie was discovered by divers near by. Then Madison, just two years old, was found inside a suitcase! The remains of Mary Jane would be discovered last and her body too would be found concealed in a suitcase near the marina.

There was no doubt in anyone’s mind who the prime suspect was and Christian immediately landed on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list. He was found in Mexico, using a fake name. He was shipped back to the states to stand trial.

In a ridiculous move to save his own ass, Christian said he could only take responsibility for two of the four deaths. He plead guilty to murdering Mary Jane and two-year-old Madison, but plead not guilty to murdering his other two children. Christian stated that Mary Jane had actually murdered the two older children, by throwing them from a bridge. When he came upon her, she was attempting to strangle their youngest. Christian said that he stopped her but then killed her in a fit of rage over what she had done to his children. He said that after accidentally killing Mary Jane, he was forced to kill Madison because he figured she’d be scarred for life from the traumatic event and he did not want that for his child.

The jury, obviously not the idiots that Christian was hoping for, didn’t buy his line of crap and threw the same fate at him as he decided to give his children and wife. He was given death.

In 2011, while on death row in Oregon, he finally confessed to murdering each member of his family.