3 Strange Burial Plots and The Witches Buried Beneath Them

witch slab

pic credit – creepy basement

3.) Lilias Adie – The Witch of Torryburn

In 1704, a poor woman named Lilias Adie, finally, for some unknown reason, confessed to being a witch and having sex with the devil. She was tried, found guilty and was sentenced to be burned alive at the stake.

But before she could face the post and the flames, she died in prison. It is suspected that she committed suicide, which in itself was a crime against God and only confirmed her love of the devil. It did however change the way that her wicked body had to be disposed of.  As a rule, after the ‘witch’ was destroyed, her body would be dumped, naked, into a pit and be done with. It was cheap and effective. But, because Lilias had taken her own life, and would now have to be buried on the shore outside consecrated grounds, it was feared that she would come back from the dead as a walking corpse and torment her tormentors or worse, be possessed by the devil and have sex with other witches. People of the day and place believed that certain types of bodies were prone to do this, especially those who had been executed, people who committed suicide and witches.

Therefore, Lilias was buried in deep, mud, at low tide on the shore, capped with a flat stone that rested over top of her body, the intent being to keep her trapped in her grave, unable to free herself back into the world.

The people of the village breathed a sigh of relief and watched as the tide came in and covered the Witch of Torryburn forever.